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November Newsletter

November 2018 Newsletter

Important dates

1.11.18 Feast of all saints and we will attend Mass at St Conval’s.

5.11.18 Enrolment week for P1. This should be completed online by accessing Glasgow City Council’s Website. Visit School & Learning, Enrolment.

5.11.18 Dyslexia awareness week.

8.11.18 Lourdes Secondary Open Evening for P7 children;  details have been issued.

26.11.18 Catholic Education week

22.11.18 P7 Swimming block starts

19.11.18 Book Week Scotland

2.12.18 First Sunday of Advent.

3.12.18 Advent  service in school for staff and children. We will be able to accommodate a number of parents/carers. Please collect tickets on a first come first served basis from the office, after Monday 19th November.

6.12.18 House Treat - venue to be decided

7.12.18 Christmas Fair 9.15 -11.45am

10.12.18 The Nativity dress rehearsal. Local nursery children invited.

11.12.18 The Nativity and Christmas show 1:30pm

12.12.18 The Nativity and Christmas show 9:30am

13.12.18 Christmas Lunch by Cordia.

14.12.18 Panto Beauty and the Beast 1:30pm

17.12.18 Christmas Parties and Santa visiting!

18.12.18 Pollok Community Centre Christmas Party P5-P7


19.12.18 Pollok Community Centre Party P1-P3 4pm-6pm

20.12.18 2:30pm close

The School Handbook for 2018-19 is now available in school and will be on the school website very soon!

The Standards and Quality is also available. It reports on  the school’s work during 2017-2018.

Parents’ Evening Feedback. This was most positive and appreciated by staff. Thank you for your kind words.

Parent Council Meeting at 2.00pm on Wednesday 7th November in school. All welcome!

Thank you so very much to the Parent Council:

Fun Hallowe’en Discos for so many of our children.

The kind donation of over £200 of books for the school libraries. Your time and  commitment to the school is great!


Why wear indoor shoes?

  • Our school environment is cleaner.
  • They are more comfortable.
  • They assist with good health and safety rules.
  • They can be used for PE too.



     Danceathon Fundraiser

    This raised a grand total of £750.00 for school funds. Thank you to the many who contributed to this. If you still wish to pass on sponsor money then please send into the school office as all children benefit from the donations. It was superbly led by Naomi, one of our mums...a Super Mum, in fact! Thank you so much!





      Text Box: Worryingly, we have had recent spates of vandalism to our school playground. It would appear this is happening in the evenings and at weekends. There have been signs of attempting to force entry and benches/steps have been broken. I have reported this to the Community Police who will endeavour to increase patrols but we need everyone’s help to keep our school safe. Please report any vandalism, etc. 


    Text Box: Late coming
On average, we have between 15-20 children who are regularly late for school. 
I am sure you will appreciate that this is disruptive and unhelpful to the children and staff. Persistent late coming is not acceptable and I ask that you support your child to be on time.
Our values: Learning, Honesty, Friendship, Respect and Being positive!
Our school vision: Together we are inspired to do our best!

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